Sierra taking off on 25 meter breaskstroke

Well, as aforementioned, the 2009 Big Kahuna Open happened this weekend.  We only showed up for Saturday, the day of Sierra’s two events.  It was a long hot day and we couldn’t see and we were perched on the side of a hill and there were people everywhere but it was a good time and we had great fun bonding with the rest of the team and their families.

Sierra ran the 25 meter freestyle and the 25 meter backstroke.  For the first, she was one of the few (even among older kids) to dive off the blocks, which were significantly higher than the ones at home.  For the latter, she thrust off the wall with such velocity (see above), it was really delightful to see.

Most of all, she had fun, even despite the fact she had to do the backstroke twice.  There was a long whistle and then a short whistle and then a horn to at last signal the start.  This confused one of the girls who took off on the short whistle.  I was confused, too, so I yelled “go” and off they went.  All of the kids finished the whole event and after 5 more heats, ran again.

Sierra’s coach was very proud of her, as were we.  Also, we had a lot of fun and look forward to future events, especially if it ends with a little ocean swim.  We had a get together at Sunset Bay State Park where we actually managed to get in and not be cold.

Click on the picture above for the usual shots and please enjoy a movie by clicking on the one below.

Sierra takes off in the freestyle relay

It’s official:  Sierra’s a ribbon-holding  competitive swimmer at the meager age of six.  The Emerald Aquatics team (that’s Sierra’s) took on another group at whose name I did not catch because I was too interested in encouraging Sierra and making sure she wasn’t nervous and had a happy experience.  The atmosphere was relaxed:  no official times, everyone got a ribbon, free food, but to her, it was still her first meet.

Grandma came down from Portland to watch the action took a number of great pics (see more by clicking on that picture above).  The weather was warm at Echo Hollow Pool and after a long bike ride (and for Grandma, horrible traffic), we were all looking forward to a dip.  Too bad the pool was filled with kids!

After some 150m of warmups (!), Sierra took on the 25m breaststroke and got 6th, then the 25m freestyle and got third.  Lastly, there was time for freestyle relays and her team got 2nd (though they got 3rd place ribbons for some odd reason), each of the four of them doing 25m.  Sierra was the second of the four in the relay sequence and did great.  You can see her launching off in perfect time while the competition stares in stock.

The last relay was with the older age group 2 and it was neck and neck.  The crowd, myself included, was really getting into it.  I had to ask one of the finishers who actually won because I couldn’t tell!

We had a blast and we’re looking forward to the big meet (the Big Kahuna hosted by the Gold Coast Swim Team) in Coos Bay at Mingus Park Pool August 7-9 if anyone wants to show up!  Warm ups start at 8am except at 11:30am on Friday.  If I understand the information I find correctly she should be racing in the middle to near the end of the day.