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Flying by Christina LapchynskiMy lovely wife, Christina Lapchynski, has been an artist since she was a little kid. She recently decided to go to school to study. One of her classes, on 3-D design, has been challenging her to try new media. Her unique vision continues to shine through despite this difficulty, as you can see in this work, “Flying” which is a static sculpture that has a moving element (the front wheel). In this sense, it not only implies motion but has motion. Please check out (and comment on!) her other works on her new blog, “arousing the inner child.”

As an aside, we went to a show of Kenneth O’Connell‘s work at DIVA recently. Christina was really excited about this because they both work with Copic markers. When we were there, we bumped into ex-customer service guy Hugh Larkin & his wife Sandy (who has some great art herself). Turns out they took one of Ken’s classes on a trip to Italy. Small world! Ken’s stuff is INCREDIBLE, by the way. He takes sketching and elevates it to a whole new level.


Josh Mitchell's fixed FridayI am pleased to announce that we are now able to offer the Sturmey Archer S3X three speed fixed gear hub. It is available on any Bike Friday, but the Pocket bikes (not the tikit or the Air bikes) will require removing the chain to fold as all models will come with adjustable vertical dropouts. It is operated by a propietary bar end control, though an old style thumb shifter mount is available. Cogs get down to 12 teeth. Direct drive is the highest gear so calculate gearing from your given cogs and then 2nd will be 75% of that and 3rd is 62.5% of direct. Also possible is the installation of a freewheel on the threaded cassette body but why would you do that? 🙂 À la carte, price is $249 for the kit and a tikit with it on would run about $1498.

Is it worth it? Heck yes. I had one before it was stolen and loved it. It seems like an oxymoron but in practice it really extends the possibilities of a fixie. You do have to hesitate, even under the slighest of loads to get it to shift and there is no brifter (like the Versa for Nexus), and there is no disc brake option, but these are minor quibbles. You can now have all the advantages of a fixed gear without sacrificing your knees. That’s a GOOD THING.

Get in touch if you want to order one up.

For anyone that’s ever wondered, here’s the very first one Hanz ever built.  The pink one.  He insists it wasn’t that way originally, but he’s got no proof.  😀  Obviously not in ridable shape, but come take a tour and see it for yourself:

I’ve actually been making use out of my Twitter account lately.  Mainly, it’s to watch every move of Dave McKean and Neil Gaiman (the illustrator and author respectively of the original BOOK form of Coraline.. P. Craig Russell was the artist for the graphic novel).  Just kidding, though those two are Twitter-sluts, I swear!

Anyways, I digress.  I was paging through various updates and came upon one very interesting one from the Bicycle Transportation Alliance that simply asked “Would you trade in your car for a fully-loaded, hand-crafted, Fort Collins-built commuter bike and trailer?” and sure enough, those great beer-brewing bike bums New Belgium (founded bike a Bike Friday owner, no less!) are offering a free (and rather stylish-looking) bike outfit to anyone willing to simply let go of those blasted cars.  Sure, if you’re carting around a buncha kids, you might have a good excuse, but you single folks got nothing. 😀

If you still think I’m nuts, consider this great calculator that can help you really look at the TRUE costs of car ownership.. and what you could do with the money you save.  It’s really startling.  If it surprises you, think about the majority of your rides.  Could you car share or bus instead if you’re not into getting wet or being cold?  Are some of your trips within walking distance (many are– to the corner store, for example).  Review the National Household Travel Survey and you’l find the car’s value begins to wane a bit.

But hey, if a cool free bike won’t convince you, I certainly won’t.  Just wait until we get to Europe’s gas prices.  According to one source, out of 141 countries, we were 101 in gas prices which means that 100 were worse.  This means the majority of the world is trending towards higher prices.  Have we any reason to think this won’t be the case?

As you can see, outside of adding Twitter support (anyone see those commercials about how no one knows what Twitter is?), another exciting feature we have to look forward to with the 1.4 version (codename: King Eider, which you see pictured here) of Adium is IRC support, at long last.  Set your copy to update to beta version when available (under the General tab) and run a check and you’ll be on your way to enjoying this with 1.4b1.

I’ve been waiting for this, so I’ve been sort of neglecting the BF IRC channel.  Today I discovered I’m having some difficulty connecting to the usual server so I’m moving everything over to Freenode.  There’s a handy dandy little Java client that will get you there via any browser or use server, port 6667, and channel #bikefriday.  This may be a good way to say hi as I have been REALLY busy– which is why I haven’t yet (sorry) posted up the story about the stolen bike.  All in good time!

Never had this happen to me before, especially since I’ve had the tikit.  I mean, come on, who needs a lock anymore? You just fold it up and wheel it inside.  Today, though, I had to bring the trailer along to carry some bigger stuff. On the way back to work, I stopped by for a brief moment at the bank. Since the trailer sort of messed up the convenience of it all, I left it outside.  Came back and well, ended up walking back to work.

A long time ago I learned that sometimes having nothing is better than being wealthy, that to be truly rich you don’t have to possess a darn thing.  Some of the richest moments of my life were spent in total poverty, with nothing more than a single backpack to call my own.  I remember the day I sold my music collection (I had probably close to 1000 CDs) just to fund my way out of Ohio. I worked tireless hours for those CDs and spent countless more enjoying them. Yet, I felt a remarkable sense of freedom, like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

Sadly, though, that’s not what I’m feeling. It’s a funny thing about bikes: they’re like old friends. You spend that much time with anything and they start feeling like that. Worse yet if it’s a bike you built yourself. Then when it’s stolen, it not only feels like a lost friend, it feels like child abduction, a brutal kidnapping. You’re left plagued with thoughts of how they might be torturing, molesting, or abusing it.

I’m not without a certain amount of grace. Like Paul of Tarsas, I know what it is to be in need.  I don’t wish revenge by any stretch of the imagination. I feel sorry for the poor soul who is in such dire straits as to have to resort to such behavior. How foolish, too, that this person stole such a distinctive bike. They won’t be able to go anywhere without it being noticed. Hell, *I* can’t. This surely won’t bode well for their well-being.

Surely, too, I will find peace (and likely a new bike!) should it never return. I suspect, though, it will, as there are countless stories of people regaining their Bike Fridays. They certainly outweigh the ones of people NOT recovering their Fridays. I have hope in the power of a community-based effort. It has certainly worked in other cases.

Which is why I implore you, friends, to help me. Watch Craigslist, eBay, the Internet in general, pawn shops, bike shops. Spread the word. Be on the lookout. Speaking of friends, I am most grateful to Vik Banerjee whose wonderful pictures of my bike show it in nearly its exact present form.  The only differences are the lack of the Power Grips and rear light (fell off) and the addition of a Made In Oregon sticker next to the Made In America sticker on the right hand side. There are older pics here.

For those that can’t tell, it’s a Racing Green/Black Diamond two-tone, a true one of a kind. It should sparkle all the way around, just like Cream Soda Blue does.

And yes, it is a fixed gear on both sides of the rear wheel.

If you have any leads, thoughts, questions, concerns, feel free to comment away or get in touch with me through the many other options available. I ultimately just want my bike back, no questions asked. Thanks in advance for all of your help!

tikit love

tikit love

..from B. Spoke Tailor who makes that killer vest pack.

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