The tikit, in all its glorious quick-folding ability, is a relatively new thing. It was mainly inspired by customer requests for a quicker fold. However, the tikit is not without its caveats. For example, at present, there’s no way to put rear panniers on the bike (though we are still working on a folding rack). There are other limitations with regards to which components you can put on the bike. A good example: no triple chainring will ever fit. And then there’s the people that just don’t like 16″ wheels.

It’s a great bike (I love mine!) but the other bikes have not become irrelevant because of it. I, for one, would much sooner pick up my Pocket Llama than I would the tikit for fully loaded or expedition touring. Certainly any mountain biking. I would probably be more inclined to use the Llama for more competitive riding, as well, though a tikit can perform well.

The only thing that darn Llama is lacking is the quick fold ability which makes it the bike I, inevitably, pick up the least when it comes to fitting it in a car, bus, train, etc. etc. Suitcase travels are one thing, as both bikes are essentially the same, but certainly not folding.

If you’re in the same boat as me, there is now a solution: a retro-fittable folding stem somewhat like the tikit’s for any Bike Friday with an 1.25″ headset and handlebars that will do well with either an ahead or a quill stem (see our chart here). $160 will get you the goods on any pre-existing bike. I should also add that any custom bikes from here on out can have the stem installed at the time of building.

P.S., yes I am alive! I have plenty to put up here but time has been lacking lately. Soon.. One thing I will say is that we are still working on the e-tikit as well as the folding rack aforementioned. There may be some other new things looming in the horizon, but it depends more on parts manufacturers than us. More as it comes.