Incidentially, the major change is that the safety upgrade will be integrated into the seatmast as was previously suggested.  Also the seatmast is also going to be one piece rather than the two-piece arrangement consisting of the upper “riser” and the “aardvark” as we liked to call it.  For obvious reasons this will affect two tone color schemes.  No other changes planned.

For those with older bikes, we will not be replacing the frame members on a warranty basis.  The safety upgrade is perfectly functional, but making it this way will make it easier to produce the bikes.  If you still want one for your bike, they cost $220 and the labor to install one here is at least that, perhaps much more.  They *SHOULD* go on easily to bikes built from January 2008 on.   If you had any problems installing the tikit brace, they’ll need to come back home.  Anything earlier needs to come here, too.  Needless to say, if that’s the route you’re going, it may be more cost-effective to consider a trade in!

These guys should be rolling off the production line October 1st.  Since our promise dates are currently beyond that date, now’s the time to order!