As you can see, outside of adding Twitter support (anyone see those commercials about how no one knows what Twitter is?), another exciting feature we have to look forward to with the 1.4 version (codename: King Eider, which you see pictured here) of Adium is IRC support, at long last.  Set your copy to update to beta version when available (under the General tab) and run a check and you’ll be on your way to enjoying this with 1.4b1.

I’ve been waiting for this, so I’ve been sort of neglecting the BF IRC channel.  Today I discovered I’m having some difficulty connecting to the usual server so I’m moving everything over to Freenode.  There’s a handy dandy little Java client that will get you there via any browser or use server, port 6667, and channel #bikefriday.  This may be a good way to say hi as I have been REALLY busy– which is why I haven’t yet (sorry) posted up the story about the stolen bike.  All in good time!