As seen on Craigslist, a few things well-suited to Bike Fridays of various shapes and sizes:

$1k worth of car rack equipment for tandems, triples, recumbents, etc. – $600 (Terry/Barger)

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Date: 2009-02-11, 7:11PM PST

In anticipation of finally freeing ourselves again from the constraints of our car, I am offering nearly $1000 retail of barely used bike rack equipment for sale at reasonable pricing:

Base roof rack system:
  • Thule 4502 Footpack for square bars, set of four for $95.
  • Thule LB50 Load Bars, set of two for $65.

  • ATOC Tandem Topper TT-321 for triple tandems, long recumbents, and everything else with a wheelbase of less than 105″ (yes, that includes standard single bikes, too). Fork mount swivels for easy mounting. Includes Topper Lok and ML605 Padlock for the security of your vehicle (the pedal powered one!). $395.
  • ATOC Bike Topper High Topper BT-HT47 for single bikes with a 47″ or less wheelbase. Includes Topper Lok and ML605 Padlock. $95.

>>>> but it’s cheaper together. <<<<

For more info:

Call if you have any questions, need pics, or want to make an appointment to see them: Walter @ 541-556-6830

P.S. I can install them, too, if needed.

CycleOps Fluid² trainer – $225 (Terry/Barger)

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Date: 2009-02-11, 7:27PM PST

This is the trainer that Lance relied on. Come on, you know you want to be like Lance!

Seriously though, the resistance varies based on cadence or gear shifts so it really gives a natural road feel. Easy to get the bike on and off thanks to the Quick-Lock frame. Self-cooling.

Other fun technical information:
– Power output easily varies from less than 20 watts to over 725 watts (at an attainable 22.5 mph)
– 64-68 decibels measured @ 36″ 20 mph

I bought this for my wife but she got an injury that kept her from it. It got used maybe once or twice, seriously.

Includes wheel adapter for 24″ and 20″ wheels and 4 level climbing riser block.

More info at:

Direct picture requests, questions, or make it yours via Walter @ 541-556-6830.