In both cases, this relates to the Stelvio, a beloved tire that is now gone:

  1. We’ve got new 451mm Stelvios but they’re not called the Stelvios.  The Duranos have the same specs only with a seamless Dual Compound tread that’s supposedly super long lasting.  Sorry, only wire bead.  406mm versions exist in wire bead and folding bead but we’re not going to be stocking those until we get through our stock of last year’s Stelvios, which it seems that they’re still making.
  2. The Kojaks are going to replace the 349mm Stelvios.  They are 1.25″/32mm rather than 1.125″/28mm but they are slick and still pump up to 115 psi.  And don’t worry:  they’ll fit with clearance on your Express tikit with fenders.  We’re only selling the folders.  We may get the 406mm versions later in the year.

Some other contenders that may have gone unnoticed are:

  1. We’ve got your balloon tires for those of you with 406mm tandems, Pocket Llamas, or Pocket Gnus:  406mm Big Apples in a 2.0″/50mm width.  Wire bead.
  2. Hate flats?  Problem solved for every wheel size except the 451mm bikes.  You can get the Marathon Plus in 349mm in 1.375″/35mm width or 406mm in 1.35″/35mm or 1.75″/47mm width.  The latter will get up to 70psi whilst the others get up to 95psi.  Wire bead.
  3. The lightweight version of the Marathon, the Racer, comes in folding or wire bead in 406mm in 1.50″/40mm width and 80psi max.