People are often confused about the difference in foldability so I thought I would shed some light on the subject.  The tikit is the only one that clicks together when it is folded.  The standard BF has some loose parts that can be strapped down, but this doesn’t happen automatically.  The tikit also is the only one that holds itself up when folded.  The tikit won’t drop its chain which is almost certain on the others unless you know a certain trick or have a chain retrainer.  Lastly, it’s the only one that you can wheel around when it’s folded.

Maybe more important than any of that though, is how quickly it folds.  So let’s check out some videos:

tikit in 17 seconds:

New World Tourist in 40 seconds:

There will likely be more comparison’s coming out of Vik’s blog as he just got a New World Tourist to compare to his tikit.  Keep watching over there for more.