The Speeding tikit has arrived for those who have not yet noticed.  Yes, there is now a “road bike” version of the tikit, even more souped up than the Express tikit.  It comes with drop bars, STIs, a double chainring (and yes, that means a front derailleur), and your choice of SRAM Red or Shimano Ultegra SL components.

The first one, though, was nothing like this.  We were trying to get ready for 2007’s Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show and Rob fillet-brazed a tikit.  Yeah, fillet-brazed.  For those that don’t know, this is a very labor-intensive process that results in unbeliavably smooth welds.  We wanted to make it distinctive from the other tikits, so we slapped on the Speeding tikit name even though we knew this technically wasn’t a Speeding tikit.

Still, it’s pretty nicely set up with a titanium stem riser and seat tube, carbon handlebars and seatpost (Campy!), Dura Ace cranks, an American Classic rear hub, Avid SL brakes and levers, custom decals, and a stunning Sapphire Blue/Ink Black paint job (even the hardware!).  If there was a “Pimp My tikit” show, this would have been on it.

There is one other fillet-brazed tikit in existence that we made specially for one of our Japanese dealers.  It’s not something we’re likely to do again, and certainly not for $3300, so if you want this thing, get in touch!