scan0001Seriously, it may happen.  Sure, we’ve joked that we should send Obama a tikit, what with him being a cyclist anyways, but a tikit may find its way there in a totally different way.  It turns out that one of the people rumored to have a place in the seat of Secretary of Transportation is none other than Peter DeFazio, Bike Fridays’ own Congressman.

Being a supporter of local business (and subsequently NOT a supporter of the economic bailout), and a serious bike advocate (he’s got a bike/ped-only bridge in Eugene named after him!), Peter toured our factory two years ago.  Since, he’s been seen doing his commute on a custom built, all-American just the tikit.  Here you can see him with Alan and our dealer development dude, Michael Bennett, in front of the new Eugene courthouse with his favourite ride.

But hopefully soon you’ll see him in the White House. 😀