A co-worker and I were riding home and talking about these fixed gear hipsters who showed up at the shop late in the day to borrow some air.  Maybe I just don’t like uniforms (fixed gear, messenger bag, rolled up pant legs, Pumas, track jackets, no helmet– come on, it’s a freaking uniform), maybe I’m just concerned for people’s lives (read: fixed gears are not for everyone and this is coming from a fanatic), but it just bugs me.  I mistakenly blurred the whole description together and created a new word:  hipsies.

Well, forget them, anyways.  In a year or two, when they get out of school, they’ll get an accounting job and a Volvo and never think back on that whole fixed gear craze anyways.  If you want to see some real hardcore fixie riders, check out this awesome Keirin video I gleaned from the fixed gear mailing list.  Man, I’m not even that cool. 😀

A bit of trivia is that the song this video is for is by CLP, i.e. Chris de Luca vs. Phon.o.  The former artist was one half of the now defunct trip-pop meets IDM project Funkstörung.  Phon.o apparently did a crunky mix of techno and dub and the like.  Put the two together and you get CLP.  Heady, muscular, but not unapproachable, this will likely hit the dance floor hard.  Hopefully that doesn’t encourage any more hipsies.  Listen to the evidence here and you can buy it on Beatport.