Here’s two you may not know about. One is more of an update. Regarding that, we had a deal where we offered new custom frames with a selection of new, used, and new old stock parts on them. Well, they’re all gone. Kind of. The ones we didn’t pre-sell, we just set up with what we thought would be a sensible size and color and we now have them ready to buy right from the floor. They’re killer deals any way you cut it, way better than used bikes. They should be showing up on the used page shortly. Keep watching, or drop me a line and let me know what you want and I’ll get you taken care of.

The other one is more minor but very cool. From the same guys that brought you this beautiful green hub (I didn’t know they had THAT option!), we’ve got a small inventory of Phil Wood hubs that we’d like to get rid of for a special discount. So call up and get yourself 10% off these hubs when you build a Bike Friday around them. Here’s the list:

1. one low flange front quick release, silver, 36 hole (BF#11468)
2. one low flange rear Shimano cassette quick release, 36 hole (BF#9667)
3. two low flange rear fixed/free nutted, 32 hole (BF#11809)
4. one low flange rear fixed/fixed quick release, 32 hole (BF#12191)

Offer stands until they’re gone.

I would really suggest cashing in on these great deals, because if you haven’t noticed, the bike industry is booming and there is little need to offer deals right now, even despite the economic situation.