ambiguity sign
Let’s imagine a new tikit model.  We’ll call it the Not The tikit.  It comes in 5 varieties:

  1. The one from Malawi.
  2. The word for stitches or tricks in Finland.
  3. The DJ from Istanbul.
  4. The London company that provides IT consulting to legal and accounting firms.  These are the nasty folks that stole our domain name!  Boycott them now!
  5. The Massachusetts record label Northeast, which once labeled itself Tikit (thanks, Malcolm).
First person to take their Bike Friday tikit to all of the above locations will get a special prize.
By the way, the other Bike Friday continues to get tons of press, yet I don’t think I’ve heard of a Bike Friday bike on a Bike Friday ride.  Another prize for the first one of those.
Lastly, how about a third prize to anyone that sneaks their Pocket Crusoe onto the set of the new TV series Crusoe.
Don’t forget the proof!
That ought to get us some good stories!