How could I have missed posting this? Edi, who’s been commenting the heck out of this blog (well, he’s the only person who leaves any comments!) has a fixed tikit, too. His is really special, though, in a lot of ways.

For one, unlike a lot of fixits here, he’s got a production One Way tikit.

And then there’s the Phil Wood track cog. Drool.

I love his nameplate: “Major Taylor – miles ahead.”

Lastly, Edi’s simply a good guy, with an awesome-looking Pocket Rocket Pro.

Talk about accessorizing, huh? It comes as no surprise to me that he has a B.U.B. from Momovelo, as they were like the boutique of bike shops. We were hoping that he was going to come out with a special version of the Bike Friday and then *POOF* he was gone.

Oh well, you got to see what Edi’s done with the tikit. He really outdid himself this time. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves but Edi did provide a poetic script to this visual masterpiece:

1930 era Lauterwasser handlebars
Nitto lugged stem
Paul’s brake lever connected to a Mrazek v-brake for super stopping power
Brooks saddle w/ Nitto seatpost
Sogreni bell and lights
Tioga spyder pedals.

P.S., check out Mrazek’s 20″ bike! And he’s in Portland now!! Is everyone up there now?