Just a quickie here as it’s been really busy (last post 3 months ago? Yikes!). Anyways, I’ve taken possession of a new tikit. This one features the slower Impulse fold technology relative to my old one and has a really slick Racing Green/Black Diamond finish.

It’s fixed as usual and basically has the same parts as the old ones with a few exceptions. I’m running a 165mm crank (boy have I missed that) from FMF BMX (I won it at a Bike Friday Christmas Party a few years back) with an FSA ISIS bottom bracket. It’s got a Dimension hub– sealed cartridge bearing non-quick release but hollow axle hub in a double fixed variety. I’m running a TA 54 tooth cog up front and a Dura Ace 15 tooth cog and a Surly 13 tooth cog in the rear.

The thing that makes this one really unique is the rear dropouts, a proprietary design that Rob worked out. It is an adjustable vertical dropout with stops, making wheel changes an absolute breeze once you get everything set up just right. Most exciting is the fact that the hub spacing is easily adjustable just by using– wait for it– different chainring bolts and spacers. Yep, that’s how it all attaches and it works great. So with it set up for 135mm a la double chainring bolts, I used triple chainring bolts and 7.5mm of spacers on both sides and now I got 120mm spacing.

This could potentially revolutionize all of Bike Friday’s offerings giving us replacable dropouts assuming of course that we can make them with derailleur hangers and disc brake mounts and such for the right price. This we don’t know but if this prototype passes the test we’ll have a great platform with a fixed gear (most of the other Bike Fridays won’t allow for a rear brake, can’t do 120mm spacing, need to have the chain slacked to be folded, etc. etc.) and we’ll be on our way to release the ultimate all-weather commuting bike– the Season tikit. More to come!