I personally think it’s ridiculous that we have an expanding population and yet we’re still trying to figure out ways to fuel automobiles.  I mean, where are we going to put all these cars?  We should be investing in research on greener mass transit at the very least.  Surely there are examples of basically carbon-neutral systems already in place— why not bring this technology to the entire U.S.?  Supplement this with some folding bikes and you’re set.  I digress, though.

So in case you haven’t been paying attention, biofuels are dumb for quite a few reasons.  Sure, the guy next door that’s using McDonald’s old fryer grease to make biodiesel isn’t doing that bad, but that’s not really expandable on a wide scale, whether it be city wide, state wide, or nation wide and so it’s certainly not going to work world wide. 

So for commercial biofuels, you have to really think about how it’s going to get made.  First they’re going to be using agricultural land to grow crops.  This means that we lose some of the food supply, since we lose land to grow it on.  In some cases, this means chopping down rain forest, and guess what that means– wasted carbon.  And did we forget the fact that we’re still burning carbon?  One study found we were better off using gasoline!  Environmentally and socially, this is dumb.

But get this– with this year’s El Niño, a drought is predicted.  This is obviously going to impact our ability to produce biofuels this year.  And to make matters worse, our economy is going to hell.  Why is that worse?  Because we have a whole bunch of money tied up in that crop.  It looks like the US is going to be hit hard all because of a bunch of stupid greenwashing.  Lesson learned, folks.

So since biofuels mean hunger (directly and indirectly as more Americans will have less money to spend) and environmental damage, you can consider yourself a sinner according to the Vatican.  So get to confession now and repent people!

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