Well, that New Year’s Resolution isn’t coming along very well is it?  Here we are almost two weeks late but I’m actually glad I waited because I have a real treat.  Imagine this:  a Pocket Rocket Pro fixed gear frame with a titanium Easy Pack seatmast, a Chris King headset, and a set of fenders for $200.  Well, it’s true.  More info, how to buy and more components for it here.

The current owner, one Geoff Huber, is the general manager and mechanic at the local independent bike shop Life Cycle as well as the drummer and vocalist to local "2-piece hardcore-hillbilly-hip-hop circus rock" band Back In The Dark

Life Cycle is a pretty neat place in that it has a lounge, publicly offers free cycling advice (everyone expects it but it’s usually given reluctantly), offers professional fittings, offers racing sponsorships, focus on women’s specific bikes and clothing and accessories, and has personalized coaching.  They’re the new guys in town, but they seem to be doing very well and I’m sure this is due in part to creating a community around the shop that is centered in great service.

As for Back In The Dark, I don’t know what to tell you.  Their description seems fitting: "comedy stand up meets metal punk dude and they fight till the death while having a really good time."  Listen to the samples and go see them play in Eugene at Diablo’s this Saturday.  Maybe you can even arrange for Geoff to let you pick up the bike there!

Just make sure to let me know if you snag this one!  I want to see pics.  Maybe I can get that resolution back in order. 😀

P.S.  The pics are from last summer (yeah, I know, I’m a slacker!).  Not consistent with how it looks now.  Ask Geoff for pics.

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