For all you Mac geeks out there, this is a major upgrade to the best multi-platform instant messaging client on the market.  Did I mention it was free?  So you get tabbed browsing and it can handle just about every single instant messaging protocol on the market (though it still seems to have trouble with MySpaceIM) plus a lot of other features.  Unlike its Windows cousin, Pidgin, it doesn’t (yet) handle IRC but eventually it ought to handle that.  They’ve also been working on adding Skype, Gizmo, audio/video chats and who knows what else.

There’s a particular development that’s very exciting for this blog.  See that "say hello" box over to the right?  That’s a widget connected to my meebo account.  Since meebo uses a Jabber protocol, it’s no problem adding it to Adium.  So I can get/send messages from/to my blog very easily this way.  The problem lies in that previously you would not be able to see me online– usually, at least.  See, I’d get this annoying dialog box initiated by loading the page that would ask me if I wanted to allow the new contact to message me and if I wanted to add them to my contact list.  I did want the former but not the latter because the contact was only good as long as the page was up.  Then the contact was useless.  I got into the habit, especially as page loads were high, of just closing the dialog, at the cost of communication.

So what does the new Adium do for me here?  It allows me an option to auto-allow (different from auto-allow and add).  So now, when I’m online, you see me online.  So feel free to chat away.  Talk to me about your experiences with Leopard, ask me about the new Model T, inquire about Sierra’s Christmas performance (pix/videos coming), tell me your top 10 fave albums for 2007 (mine’s coming soon), or request Christina’s special vegan cheeseball recipe.  Whatever your need to chat, feel free.  Thanks to Adium it’ll be nice and easy.

UPDATE 1/9/8: I got a little trigger happy there, actually.  Though the feature was there, it turns out it was broken.  But those darn Adium devs are so responsive, after posting a crash report and some other tests to the forum, they had a fix up and ready to go.  Admittedly, this is not officially yet 1.2.1 but that’s where the fix will be released.  Until then, you can build from source.  You need Subversion (part of Leopard now!) and Xcode installed.  Once you got that, here’s what you want to do in Terminal:
svn co svn:// adium
cd adium

Now under ~/adium/build/Deployment-Debug is the you need to run.  It will pick up on all your old accounts and preferences and stuff, so find it in Finder, double click and you’ll be on your way. 

UPDATE 1/18/8: 1.2.1 is out which fixes the aforementioned problem as well as some minor and not so minor things, like not always accepting Google Talk certificate checks, a few memory leaks, and a decreased memory footprint!

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