Well, I’m a little less late than usual at least.  Today’s (well, last Friday’s) episode of Bike Friday First Friday Fabulous Fixed Gears is a special one indeed, and a foreshadowing of what’s to come.

Allan Vermeulen has a small plane, a Cirrus to be exact, that he uses to commute the 250 miles or so from Corvallis, Oregon, to Seattle, Washington, to his job at Amazon HQ.  Obviously, he’s a little screwed once he gets off the plane since there’s no room for his car.  Besides, as an old roadie, he’d rather ride his bike anyways.  Enter his buddy from Corvallis and our great customer Tom Brookes who suggests he check out Bike Friday.  Allan comes down with his plane and we arrange a time to meet up at the Eugene Airport.  I show up on the fixed gear with the tikit in tow.  We managed to get them in the plane through the little tiny luggage door.  And that was the end of that.  He ordered a tikit immediately.

Soon afterwards, perhaps inspired by the fixed gear I brought with me and the fact that used to ride fixies, he ordered up a spare fixed gear wheel for his tikit which hadn’t even been built yet.  Since the bike has vertical dropouts, it was necessary to get a White Industries Eric’s Eccentric ENO hub which uses an off-center axle to provide the necessary chain tensioning.  Soon after, he brought his wife Dawn down to ride a tandem and picked up his tikit and his spare wheel at the same time.  As soon as he returned home, the bike had an even more dramatic makeover than Alex Wetmore’s pseudo-speeding tikit, having been given not only drop bars, but having been stripped of all of its gears, its freewheel and its rear brake.  Admittedly, he didn’t make a cool front rack for it like Alex did, but we don’t plan on making a platform rack.

Did you catch the implication?  Yes, it’s true, we have been planning on making a fixed tikit since the beginning.  I’m happy to announce that we now have a built to order fixed gear version of the tikit called the One Way tikit going for $1585 and set to be delivered about the end of October/beginning of November.  Two-tone color options are available as stealth black with the following choices: cream soda blue, flag red, green gear green, kai grey, canary yellow, enno orange, premium white, princess pink, racing green, black diamond… or you can get solid stealth black. .  Here’s the spec, which I think is pretty good, but I’d love to hear any input from the fixed gear freaks out there:

Bars BF MTB Alloy
Bell Bell Grip Brass Incredibell
Bottom Bracket BF Sealed 111.5mm
Brake (front only) Avid Single Digit 5
Brake levers Avid FR-5 mica
Chain KMC Z-50
Cog Surly 13 tooth 3/32” w/ lockring
Cranks Alloy (165,170,175mm) w/ 53t alloy guard
Fenders BF tikit fenders
Headset DiaTech 1-1/8”
Hub, Front Narrow 24o QR Alloy
Hub, Rear White ENO flip/flop 1speed 36o hub
Inner Tubes 16” x 1-3/8” PV (349mm)
Pedals Folding VP-113
Rims Alex 349mm ZC1000 Black 24o w/ machined sidewalls
Seatpost Uno 27.2 x 300mm SP Silver
Stems BF Ahead style Kalloy (60,75,90,105mm) 15 degree
Tires Schwalbe Stelvio folding 16″ x 1-1/8″ (349mm) 120 psi<

Additionally, we will be releasing a built to order version of the stock “just the tikit” model for $1375, a DualDrive version called the Travel tikit $1645, and a sporty Capreo-equipped version called the Express tikit for $1670.  All of the built to order models will feature custom sizing and a choice of tires, saddle and pedals.  Get in touch if you have any other questions or comments, or want to be first in line to get one of these new models!

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