Something oldthe bike as a means of transportation.  It got its pedals back in 1857.

Something new
the bike as a means of transportation.  Enter the Bicycle Commuter Act, now riding along with The Renewable Energy and Energy Conservation Tax Act (H.R. 2776), recently passed by the House, that will even make it $20/month cheaper for bike commuters should the Senate approve.

Something borrowed:  $16 billion dollars. This is approximately how much oil companies will lose over the next 10 years by having their government subsidies repealed.  On the other hand, the $20/month is expected to cost $10 million over 10 years.

Something blue:  Big Oil interests everywhere.  Alan Caruba may be a conservative but he can’t imagine anyone possibly using energy conservatively.  Did someone forget to tell him that Jesus was car free?  Meanwhile, Patrick McHenry bemoans the suggestion of 19th century technology, while himself supporting the use of oil, which was first drilled for in 1859.  Read the comments on that last one for a great laugh at the expense of someone who clearly isn’t seeing the big picture.

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