Man, have things been busy lately.  You’d think after getting out of school, I’d have more time, but alas, this is not true.  Luckily I’ve spent it doing a combination of hard work and serious family time, so it’s been worth it.  Needless to say, it has put me behind on a few things, including the so-called Bike Friday Fabulous First Friday Fixed Gear series. 

I’m hoping to get back on top of this, but regardless of whether or not I do, I have a whole gaggle of great photographs for you that I couldn’t resist posting from bicycle polymath Mike Cobb, who’s quoted in an article about Eugene’s "messenger" company, Pedalers Express.

Mike got his Air Glide about this time 5 years ago and at the time he had it set up as a 24 speed with drops and bar end controls.  I helped him with some early issues he had when I was the customer service manager.  Later, I ended up in a Molecular Phylogenetics class (taught by Joe Thornton, who later came in to talk about getting himself a Friday) with his cousin and emailed him.  Soon after, he came to visit with his freakishly fixed Friday. 

And now after months of begging this pedal powered Luddite to take some photographs and email me, I finally got them!  It’s been a long hard road, so sit back and enjoy the fruits of Mike’s labor.

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