I’m so excited I could vomit. I got a stern lecture from Hanna about how lucky I am to be the owner of a tikit, especially considering the near-hysteria that has seemed to follow this bike that we have barely even advertised. Noticed there’s no mention of the bike’s price on the website? That’s because it’s pretty much selling itself. We have a whole new production line with both new employees and old employees we have taken from the custom bike line that is cranking these things out as fast as they can. We just bought some new tools to further help us, including powder coating equipment and a little sandblaster. Still, we’re a bit wary of advertising, marketing, or spreading the word any further, despite the fact that the press and our dealers are beating the door down, just simply because we’ve got a back log out until July. Regardless, we offer no options– they come as simple flat bar 8 speed bikes only, in our choice of colors, which is usually a two-tone of some sort. Fenders, folding pedals, a saddle, and a super-cool grip shift bell are included. The only choice, really, is whether or not we think the small, medium or large is the right choice and whether or not you want the front rack and shower cap bag to go with it. And yet they’re selling like they’re the best thing since power bars.

Well, we like to think they are. Without any bolts or quick releases or latches to do or undo, the thing folds up in a snap, clicks into place when folded or unfolded, can stand up on its own when folded, and easily wheels around on the front wheel via a convenient handle on the back. It’s small enough to fit on a commuter bus or train (it’s even been tested on the German ICE trains!) or underneath a desk or table. It’s simple and robust. In other words, it’s the perfect machine for every day use. There are no excuses to the issue of commuting to work. And that’s what’s really cool– they support our green mission. We’re literally saving the world, one bike at a time.

I’m currently trying to resist the overwhelming urge to convert this into a fixed gear, but this is likely going to replace my Pocket Rocket Pro. I’ve already taken its pedals, saddle and seatpost and installed them on the tikit. It’s likely I may also steal the cranks, drop bars and levers eventually. And I’ll probably put an ENO fixed gear on the tikit since I was curious about it anyways. For now I’m happy, but if someone wants to make a good offer on my old fixie, that may be the necessary impetus.

As you can see, the bike has plenty of space for bringing stuff along. I have a pannier in the front for clothes, books, and my laptop when I want to bring it. The cool Detours Guppy under the seat bag (review forthcoming, FYI) holds the tools, keys and glasses. The Detours High Tail seatpost bag takes care of lunch. The Trudeau cup holds my coffee (these are the best coffee mug I have ever seen anywhere, by the way– literally spillproof and fits nice in a bottle cage). A little tweaking found a nice way to install the quick release mount for the lock, though considering how easily this thing folds up, I’ll probably never use it.

I can’t say how proud I was to wheel this thing into the office this morning. This is the machine that’s going to change the world of Bike Friday and it’s awesome to be a part of it.

P.S. for the curious, it was a reject that required a little rework on my part. And I paid for it on top of it. It’s really that good.