Just a quick note to say I should be back to blogging again soon. A lot has happened since I started this last term of school, but the quick summary is this: I’ve decided to quit burning the candle at both ends and focus entirely on Bike Friday. Damn if we don’t need to either, with all the interest in the tikit (more on this soon) and the fact that the East Coast is finally starting to thaw out.. a bit, at least. We had like 20 people in the showroom in Saturday (that’s a lot!!), so they need me now more than ever. At home, we’re gardening, I’m selling CDs on discogs.com, and we’re trying to find time to get back on the bike.

For those of you that don’t dislike experimental music (read: noise), I do plan on actually getting out of the house for once. I wanted to see my good buddy Jon 7 one last time before he leaves me for Portland. He’s got a very cool little mp3-only totally freeware net label that produces lots of interesting electronic music, from noise to ambient to straight up and slightly leftfield electronica/techno/IDM. He’s a great DJ, and just a darn good guy. Anyways, apparently there’s a burgeoning noise scene in Eugene as I discovered upon finding the iheartnoise Pacific Northwest forum and they’re having a free birthday fest March 29 that would just be ideal for us to hook up at. So that’s where I’ll be. Interested in a mind-changing cultural experience? Come on down. I guarantee you’ll either love it or hate it. 😀

See you there?