I’m back in school again so communication may be a bit sparse from me. If you need to get a hold of me, you can find my schedule via the calendars on the right and, more specifically, you can find my Bike Friday schedule and various ways to contact me here. To make matters worse, I’m already behind on new news. Frankly, I’m behind on posting the Christmas videos. I hope to have them up here soon. I also have videos of Sierra’s school’s Christmas program which are as delightful as I’m sure you imagine they are.

Right now, though, I’d like to share another event in Sierra’s life: falling in love with snowshoeing. Last week we took a trip to the Ikenick Sno-Park and had a nice little time together, as I’m sure you tell from this video (click on the picture to get it, too, if you like). There’s some fooling around on our way to the Sno-Park, a little interview with the girls, some footage of shoeing the trail, and some shots of driving through the winter wonderland. Next time we’ll get some actual shots of people snowshoeing!

Speaking of which, hopefully that’s this weekend. Atlas Snowshoe has a Racing Team. One of its members, Teri Smith, just so happens to be the lady in this neck of the woods that gives presentations called Women’s Winter Workshops to help introduce women to the sport. On her own time (this is not published on the Atlas events) she’s inviting women (and their families) to show up at the Trillium Lake Sno-Park, which is part of the family of Sno-Parks around Mt. Hood, to do some snowshoeing! The $15 she will collect from each person will go 100% to the Breast Cancer Fund so we get to do something fun and get to give back for it.

Because we’re going to be in the backcountry, something we’re inexperienced with as of yet, and because we’re going to be led by at least one hardcore athlete, we’re going to leave Sierra with Grandma while we’re gone. I’m sure it will be fun, though, especially given that in spite of the fact that on average the contiguous U.S. was warmer this year we were pretty darn close to the lowest temperature on record in Eugene today (only 10 degrees off) and we actually got snow in the valley. And it’s stuck for more than a couple days. There’s bound to be some killer powder on the top of Hood. I absolutely cannot wait!!