I promised it every month and have so far managed to do every two months. However, one of my new year’s resolutions was to make sure this happens on time so hopefully this won’t be an issue again.

So here we go. From the same guy who brought you this:


we have this:


Nic Mamula is one wild and crazy guy. He used to run his own little bike messenger company (Full Circle Couriers) in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Now he’s in San Francisco working at Cafe Gratitude which makes me horribly jealous because it looks like they have super yummy food. He’s a big tall guy. Last bike I saw him on was this huge Fuji Professional that he went touring on, but according to the Fixed Gear Gallery, he’s riding a Miyata:


Anyways the real story is why Nic got himself a Friday in the first place. He’s going to go to sailing school and sail the world and take his Friday with him. Last I heard he was still a ways off from this, but Nic is an adventurous soul and I’m sure he’ll make it happen. Meanwhile, the bike will tour and travel with him, wherever the wind may take him next…