So I made it up to Portland without a hitch. When we got there, we went for food at Laughing Planet which is a nice very vegan-friendly healthy multicultural salad, burrito, bowl & juice place that we go to a lot in Eugene. The one in PDX is the mother store and though it was a little bigger and had a slightly different atmosphere we were pleased to find the same old thing we’re used to. I had two pleasant surprises there. First, they had Tao of Tea (my favourite tea shop) tea available. I had a pear something or other that was really delicate and good. Looking deeper, I realized that they’re selling their tea all over the world now and so I was delighted to find that they have this at the Eugene one, too. Can’t wait to go there again. The other surprise was the special burrito which was basically Christmas dinner. I had it with tempeh instead of turkey but it included mashed potatoes & gravy, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, and veggies. That was AWESOME. Just like their Southern burrito that’s often on special (with black eyed peas, cooked greens and BBQ sauce) I’m going to be sad that it’s not always available. What’s really cool about this place that I just learned is that it was originally developed with bikers in mind!

Anyways, we came back and lounged around and got ready for our company. We all worked on some last-minute Christmas responsibilities. Then Ilene (Christina’s aunt), Vic (Christina’s cousin), Naomi (Vic’s girlfriend), and Karrah (Naomi’s daughter) came over. We had snacks and opened some presents and then we had dinner (pasta– very Christmasy, no?). Karrah and Sierra alternately got along and fought and the latter was a little crabby but mostly they had a very good time together.

Many cool presents were given between us and the visitors but Christina and I were to open one gift from Christina’s mom. There was some particular reason why we needed to open it before Christmas. Neither of us were sure why. She brought out two boxes and said we needed to open them at the same time. I opened mine and found and camera bag and instantly knew. I started helping Christina tear through her package and found our new Sony DCR-SR40 Handycam 30GB hard disk drive-equipped digital camcorder. Almost immediately, I delved into the instructions and started playing around with it. I edited some of the footage (in iMovie of course.. by the way for the Mac geek, the included software doesn’t work and they record in MPEG2 format which is a real pain in the butt.. I used DiVA to convert to MPEG4 and then imported like normal) and provide the results to you here:

Christmas Eve 2006
Kitty Girls, Christmas Eve 2006

Just wait until I finish editing Christmas Day!