Christmas TurkeySince science has proven that vegetarians are smarter (wasn’t Einstein proof enough?) and since we’re a family of vegans, I thought this might be a perfect opportunity to ask others to consider the value of having a vegan feast for this consumerist holiday. Outside of the nice way that it offsets the environmental impact of actually having such the elaborate, ornate and outlandish celebratration that Christmas is (hey, you do re-use your wrapping paper, right?!), it’s consistent with the tone of the holiday, not to mention the “reason for the season.”

So if you’re serving dinner, please consider the possibility that you may have vegan/vegetarian guests too afraid to ask for an animal friendly dinner. Don’t fret, though, as there exists help for people that would like to accomodate but don’t know where to start. Not to mention the fact that you could just throw “vegan christmas dinner recipe” into Google and you’ll get assaulted with ideas. For people that have to have the more traditional dinner, you might consider a Tofurky (or an Unturkey if you can find one– they just went out of business).

To wrap this all up, I leave you with the words of Christian vegan philosopher techno artist Moby who not only puts it all into perspective: “Ultimately Christmas is about celebrating the birthday of a man who wanted us to love one another and to look after one another — regardless of our religious or political or ethnic or gender differences.” Put down the presents and let’s get our love on!