Whatever you may celebrate, allow me to present your present. Click away for pictures of Sierra’s winter school pictures, a shot of her and Santa, and some really cute studio pictures to share for the holidays.

As for us, we’re still alive but have been busy dealing with Stressmas among other things. Now that we’re all set, it should be smooth sailing from here. I’m finishing up a late night stint at the Hampton. The girls will pick me up and take me to Portland where we will stay and celebrate Christmas with various family and friends until I need to come back here to work a swing shift at the hotel on Christmas. Yeah, I ended up with the short end of the stick. The good news is that the girls get some more time with Grandma, since I’ll work at Bike Friday on Tuesday before coming back to get them.

Then we get a little rest– well, except for when I’m working at Bike Friday throughout the week– before we get the joy of going to Bend and taking advantage of the employee discount at the Hampton. We’ll be doing some playing in the snow (can’t wait to get our snowshoes which is what Christina and I gave each other for Christmas) and general whooping it up which will surely be a blast.

And then shortly thereafter I’ll need to go back to school. Or maybe not. Won’t say much more than that until I know something definite but let’s say at this point that another more lucrative possibility has presented itself. Stay tuned for more details.

Meanwhile, be well and hope you enjoy some leisure time with those near and dear to you.