You know for a lot of people winter is the time where everything shuts down and the SAD-ness sets in, especially here in the Pacific Northwest where the sun goes on a sabattical for 6 months out of the year. Sadly for many cyclists, this means putting up the bikes, though tonight reminded me that riding in snow is actually really fun.

In all reality, the winter is a great time to play. We went sledding on Thanksgiving up in the mountains and really had a blast. And darn if it didn’t uplift the mood. Tonight, we actually had snow sticking on the valley floor so Sierra and I went out and made some mini-snowcreatures and pulled the sled down the street and came back in to some hot chocolate.

That and we had some pets to cuddle up to. Our new half-bengal, half-bengal kitty with a 3/4 tail (she was born that way) Pixie is a little more interested in jumping around than cuddling but it’s nice to know she’s around. And KZ always worth a smile– especiallly when she gets in bed with you and pretends she’s your own personal body heater. Yeah, as long as you have good company and good gear, winter is a welcome season.