In other stupid politcal moves, San Francisco’s Bicycle Plan is temporarily on hold thanks to an injunction approved by California Superior Court Judge Peter Busch (who I might add won his position because no one contested him). All this because some pipsqueak with the highly influential (sarcasm, again) Coalition for Adequate Review sued the city because it didn’t make sure that the plan conformed to the California Environmental Quality Act. You thinking what I’m thinking? Yeah, the Executive Director of the San Francisco Bike Coalition found this a tad ironic, too, given the environmentally-friendly nature of the bicycle. Admittedly, this is to make sure the building and planning projects do not tax the environment, and painting bike lanes might, maybe, do that.

Furthermore, the guilty party Rob Anderson claims that since only 1-2% of the city population bikes, the plan is “crazy.” He insists that cyclists are entrenched in idealogy and idealogy is not reality based. Ok, Rob, go tell that to the idealists that came up with the CEQA. Sheesh. Anyways, SFBC has a plan to fix this, including fixing the CEQA’s autocentricity. Happily, too, the mayor among other people are interested in going forward with this idealist vision, even if it means a small percentage of the city benefits (their goal is 10% of all commutes by bike by 2010) so I guess Rob thinks they’re crazy, too.

Anyways the end result of this is that no bicycle improvements will be made AND bicycles are not allowed on any Muni vehicles (note that the BART which crosses over the bay still has no problem with bicycles.. though is a little more inclined to help out those with folders). Probably the only way to get around this is to have a folding bike. Since you can now have a Bike Friday before Christmas time (but not for long), this might be a good way to avoid holiday traffic, by the way. Anyways, the good news out of this, I guess, is that the Bike Friday Club of America San Francisco chapter ought to be getting bigger..

Thanks to for the tip and for local SF activist and Bike Friday owner & super-referrer Katherine Roberts for talking to me more about.