I’m not usually a quote of the day guy, but this one’s destined to be a classic, especially given the context as it relates to appropriate transport:

“Anarchy seems to breed courtesy.”

Incidentially Eugene is quite the hot bed for anarchists. And I must admit that some of the sweetest people I know are anarchists. They have such a bad rap as violent reactionaries when all they really want is freedom. They’re only extending the dream of the founders of the United States. And sure, for freedom you sacrifice security, but for security you sacrifice freedom. Which is more valuable? Furthermore, if you temper your anarchy with peace then how can you go wrong?

It’s amazing what people can accomplish when they are given the freedom to think for themselves. Now that Drachen has awakened its motorists from their stupor, bikes “rule the roads.” So again, here we have an example of less security leading to more freedom, but given that people are conscious of their effect on the world around them, it ultimately leads to more security for everyone involved. See? Anarchy’s not a bad thing.

Still, people have their doubts. You might be interested in exploring the fine line Eugene activists walk to fight for the freedom of Earth. There’s plenty of talk about the anarchist community in the 5-part series “Flames of Dissent” started last month in the Eugene Weekly. You might also want to check out the thoughts of old school Eugene primitivist anarchist John Zerzan. He’ll definately offer some food for thought.

Meanwhile, live free or die!