Just a quick note to say that now that they have lost their best bicycle guys and since the 2010 Olympics are apparently making it all but impossible for retail shops in Vancouver to find good help, we are now without our only Canadian dealer.  Taiga Works ultimately specialized more in backpacking gear than they did cycling, so perhaps it’s for the best.  But now all of our friendly northerly neighbors will need to find other means to get their needs met.  And meanwhile, perhaps someone will step up to the plate and decide they want to make the investment to represent us up north.

Don’t be fooled by the fact that currently Taiga’s website still shows them selling Bike Fridays or the fact that they’re still on the Bike Friday website.  If you are a Canadian interested in a Bike Friday, please email me and we can discuss ways to get you taken care of at a distance.  Among other things, we can ship the bike to Point Roberts, just across the border, to save a bit on shipping.  And of course, with that whole free trade thing, there should be no issues with import duties or what not (though that doesn’t mean you won’t incur local Canadian taxes).

Anyways, we’ve got a pretty sizable market in Canada.  If anyone’s got any ideas about a really really good job, please mention us to them.  Don’t push.  We don’t want to pursuade someone into it.  We want them to do it because they want to.  That way they’ll be representing our company and our product the same way we would.