Man, that was like the best Tuesday ever.Well, it gets better. Congressman, founder of the Congressional Bike Caucus, author of progressive transportation measures ISTEA and TEA-21, and fellow bike nut Jim Oberstar (D-MN) not only got re-elected, but it looks like he’s going to now be the chairman of the House Transportation Committee. Here we have a man who rides a lot and who has already done plenty of work to promote cycling as a means of transportation and recreation. We can only expect plenty more legislation to follow now that he holds this influential position.Furthermore, he has worked together with some other big names in bike advocacy (a few of which are from Oregon!), namely Earl Blumenauer (D-OR) and the “Chain Gang” of Peter DeFazio (D-OR and who may lead an important subcommittee in the aforementioned Transportation Committee) and Joe Kennedy (used to be D-MA) so he’s got a good network of support within the government, not to mention the support among bike advocates. He’s clearly serious about it, with a sizable number of returns on a keyword search for “bike” on his website. The Bicycle Transportation Alliance now has a key ally to get the Bicycle Transportation Act passed, and that’s excellent news for every cyclist.