Speaking of selling bikes, I figured since I have an absolutely mint condition custom Australian Greenspeed narrow track GTS recumbent tricycle for sale, this would be a perfect opportunity for me to post my list of online resources to sell a bike. Before I get to that, back to the ‘bent-trike.

First off, I don’t know too much about it. I’m helping one of our best customers sell it. He has owned far too many Fridays to count over the long course of our relationship. I figured that this was the least I could do for him. I will mention that Dan is the kind of guy that really takes excellent care of his bicycles. Despite the fact that this bike was barely ridden (which is one of the few things about it that I do know– the trike experience didn’t mesh well with his cyclestyle), I know that it was babied from day one. That being said, you can check out the gallery of photos by clicking on the above example.

It’s very nicely equipped as you can see with 16″ wheels in the front, 20″ in the rear, Schlumpf Mountain Drive 2 speed bottom bracket with shift levers and a 66 tooth chainring from EGGrings in the UK, sealed cartridge bearing hubs from Greenspeed laced to Velocity rims in the front with Hope disc brakes attached, and an XTR set up in the rear. All in all, it’s got 18 very wide gears managed by your ankles (this is what makes the Schlumpf unique) and a single bar end shifter. It’s got a computer, rear rack, fenders, places to put extra accessories, a light mount, a mirror and a flag (not pictured). Shimano M324 pedals which can handle standard shoes or clipless without a problem are included. This bike could easily commute, tour, road ride, whatever. And it’s fun!

Now I can’t really elaborate too much on this, otherwise I’d ruin the surprise, but the money from this bike is going to a good cause– and one related to Bike Friday. I’ll reveal the secret once the money is received and allocated to this purpose. Meanwhile, rest assured that you are not only getting one of the best recumbent trikes in the market (which nearly everyone at the shop has ridden and loved), you are making a charitable contribution to someone who needs it.

So a bike of this nature would normally sell for about $5000. We’re looking to part with it for a very affordable $3500. Any serious inquiries, questions or comments, should be directed at me. I can answer in bulk through comments which would help all interested parties.

Having got that out of the way, here‘s the list of online resources to sell a bike yourself, should you not be so readily able to coerce me to post it on my blog. There are 3 sections. The 1st is applicable to all bikes and the latter two are specifically for recumbents and tandems. I’m sure you can sell your bike through one of these resources. Let me know if you need further advice doing so.

resources to sell any bike:

  1. craigslist – make sure to pick the right city as this is intended to be a local resource.
  2. Yak! – Bike Friday mailing list; they might take pity on you 🙂
  3. BicycleClassifieds
  4. BikeClassifieds
  5. Bicycle-Classifieds
  6. Total Bike
  7. United Bicycle Institute – in Ashland, OR
  8. Cycling Forums
  9. Trade a Bike
  10. EZ Classifieds
  11. National Bicycle Greenway
  12. eBay– when nothing else works

resources to sell a tandem:

  1. Tandems @ hobbes mailing list
  2. Tandem Magazine Online
  3. Tandem Club of America
  4. Tandem Network
  5. National Bike Greenway Tandems
  6. And don’t forget about the used tandem price estimating tool!

resources to sell a recumbent:

  1. recumbents.com
  2. Hostel Shoppe – the largest U.S. recumbent dealer
  3. International Human Powered Vehicles Association
  4. Oregon Human Powered Vehicles
  5. Bent Rider On Line

Oh! As this list is, I know, not exhaustive, if you have any other resources, please leave them in the comments. I know that among other things there are probably a ton of cycling mailing lists and newsgroups that would be applicable as well. If anyone knows any that are particularly friendly to posts about selling bikes, please comment away.

Lastly, I should make a plug for Bike Friday. We have a whole slew of used bikes for sale currently (and we take trade ins!). For those not accustomed to our certified pre-owned program, we offer the same guarantees as a new bike (lifetime on the frame, 30 day money-back), a free overhaul (where we replace bad parts for free), and a free custom stem to make sure that the bike fits you like a glove (given that the mainframe and seat tube fit ok). Not to mention the fact that we can get them out the door usually within a couple weeks and in a rare case, sometimes far less. What do you have to lose?