My wife Christina got to enjoy the first ride on her brand new uniquely “Psycho Yellow” painted Pocket Rocket Pro equipped with Shimano 105 today.  Admittedly it was in the rain and she wasn’t too sure how she’d do with the drop bars since her main experience with them has been on the back of the tandem where she is required to not steer.  She did wonderfully though and absolutely loved it, gleaming at the fact that she now has a more nicely spec’d bike than any other bike in the garage.  She described its smoothness as “glassy.”

Needless to say, I was happy.  Ryan was nice enough to put the frame together and Jim was nice enough to build the wheels.  I pretty much did all the rest myself  over the course of about a day and a half with a wee bit of cabling/tune up help from Monty and Donald.  I didn’t even have a chance to test ride it before we had to take off.  So to hear that she was enjoying it despite this and the rain, that was a good sign.

Needless to say, I can tell this thing will be getting in a lot of miles.  She wants to, among other things, show the other moms at the preschool our daughter goes to that they can bring their children safely to and from school without need of the SUV.  Then there’s all the hours of time she plans on being in the saddle (likely on a trainer in the living room during what seems like will be a very rainy winter) to keep up her ever-increasing level of fitness.

That being said, I don’t think her old bike is going to get much use.   I’ve tried a few times to sell it for lower and lower prices and I’m not sure why it hasn’t gone.  It’s our light weight touring bike with really nice components, a unique paint job, and cool old cruiser bars.  I am willing to offer the barely-ridden bike, sans saddle, pedals and any other accessory except for the kickstand for $1299 which is over $1000 off the new price.  To be honest, it’s almost half off.  It’s an unbelievable deal and just in case the bars or the super-upright position are the things turning people away from it– I will offer a free stem resizing and conversion to h-bars or flat bars.  You’ll have to pay shipping, but that’s merely a drop in the bucket.  And if you want any of the other accessories, I’d be happy to discuss those options, too.

Please don’t take the description of the bike as a cruiser to mean it’s anything like your old Schwinn.  Crusoes have travelled the world before and could easily handle everything from expedition touring to club rides.  This bike has plenty of gears to handle just about everything you could have in mind and the component spec is robust enough to take the abuse over the long haul.  Don’t underestimate this bike by its casual stance– it is no couch potato.

Oh, and speaking of used bikes, Ryan’s Pocket Rocket Pro which I featured earlier is now available through our pre-owned web page.  His other unique creation is gone to a better home.

Can’t someone do that same thing for this silver beauty?  She deserves a good home, too.