Our family really got into Halloween this year.  Sadly, were it not for Walter’s Mad Hatter (somewhat inspired by the crazy thrown together outfit worn by Joel Young) and Jim Haskell‘s George W. Bush as Prison Inmate costumes, Bike Friday wouldn’t have gotten into it at all (though Dave claims he had this cool headless cyclist costume he hadn’t yet finished).  Luckily the family came to visit and show everyone how it was done.  I will give props to Gaylynn who brought us all spiced gingery apple cider.  Whoa, that was good.  Anyways, click on the pic for the full album.  Be aware that one of them actually has a caption contest associated with it.  Check it out!  We’re already planning what we’re going to do next year.  My plan is to go to the next level of pumpkin carving.  What did you all do?