Fellow lovers of all things pink should be elated to know that the Chris King Pretty and Strong special edition pink components are now standard fare and available year round. They’re still going to contribute some of the revenue to cancer research, which will certainly benefit people we know who also love pink, i.e. Gaylynn. What’s particular exciting this year is that the color is a little more magenta than pink, that is, they are a little darker shaded. What’s also exciting is that the headsets are now available in the standard Bike Friday size: 1.25″.. and we have them in stock! Get in touch if you want to dress your bike up and I’ll happily oblige.

I might also add that Chris King is another green-minded Oregon small business just like Bike Friday. We were recently featured in the local newspaper as being one of the leaders of the sustainable business movement in Eugene. We’ve always been geared towards being environmentally friendly and we look to Mountain Bike Hall of Fame member Chris King as a real example of what we’d like to be. At least we’re running off 100% wind power now.

In other pink news, my nearly all-pink masterpiece fixed gear Miyata, Mojo, was recently sold to my good customer and friend, raw food chef Ito, who does his thing at Âu Lḁc in SoCal. Being that she was my old messenger bike and my first fixed gear, she will be missed but I know she’s in capable hands. I guess this means I need to finish painting my BFFG black so I can put a pink headset on it! 🙂