Bike Friday was going to move down the street, pretty much right next to Burley. Some logistical issues stalled the process and in the meantime we realized that we could allocate the money we were going to spend moving to producing a new product.

We have a vision, probably not unlike the one that Toyota did when developing the Prius, to provide a solution to the vexing problem of transportation in this ever-growing world of diminishing resources. What we produce will be difficult to say at this point, though we’re on the 2nd major prototype, but it will fold fast and easily. It will be meant more towards the type of person that needs to use multimodal methods to get to work than to the die hard roadie who wants to travel every now and then.

We’ve moved our lunch room to the otherwise empty room next to the office, moved the showroom to where the lunch room was (one door west), and moved customer service out of the production floor and into where the showroom used to be. This provided enough floor space for us to prepare a whole new production line for the manufacturing of said as-yet-unnamed-and-unknown bicycle.

To help us put all the pieces together, we’ve hired yet another Bike Friday owner, British Hour Record holder Rob English. Rob crossed the Atlanic from the UK with a background in engineering and bicycle manufacturing. He’s already contributed greatly to the progress of the project and I’m really excited to see how it will all turn out.

He’s also been kicking butt on the lunch rides, but luckily we also hired some slower people, most notably a few service folks. Among them is yet ANOTHER Bike Friday owner, Hugh Larkin, who has been covering the phones. Backing him up every now and then is none other than Gaylynn’s fish-obsessed hubby Monty. Needless to say, there’s some additional capacity in service and they’re running some specials to coincide with that fact right now. So if you need anything done on your bike, now’s the time!

That, in a nutshell, is what’s going on a Bike Friday currently. It may be winter, but we’re ramping up rather than slowing down. Stay tuned for my updates as the situation progresses.