As I’ve said rather verbosely in the past, I think we really produced a winner with our new recumbent. It did have one rather bad achilles heel: it didn’t have good instructions. It rode like a dream– nice and fast. But packing and folding was usually anything but fast while you struggled with trying to make sense of how it was supposed to work. Well now all that is in the process of being changed. Lynette’s been slowly chipping away at the manual while she’s been on the road and I have seen the rough draft at the shop. All it needs is a little editing and it should be good to go. The video is going to take us a little while longer as it may even need new footage. In the meanwhile, the raw footage that we used for the manual is available on the main page for the bike as well as on Hopefully this should make the whole experiencing of owning such a nice travel ‘bent all the more enjoyable!