Bike Friday has done well this summer but now that it’s winter and things are slowing down a bit, we need to push harder to produce the same amount. The other day, though, I was thinking that perhaps this isn’t the solution. Perhaps what we need rather is better lube. Now our referral program has worked incredibly well for us as far as producing sales. So why don’t we simply expand this program? As it stands now, the program only allows existing customers to refer others to buy a bike in exchange for a $50 check or a $75 credit. Why does this have to be the case, though?

So, I’m going to go out on a limb and experiment. I will personally (not any other salesperson) allow anyone, whether or not they even like Bike Fridays (though, I guarantee you will be more succesful if you do), to send me referrals. I don’t care who you are, if you send me an interested party that buys a bike, I will get in touch with you and see if you want me to just send you some cash or if you’d like to have some money on account for buying bike parts or what not. I’d even contribute the money to the Adventure Cycling Association if neither of those two options are impetus enough.

So here’s what you do: get as much info as you can regarding the person and their interest in our bike. You can use this form to help you collect all the necessary info and you can mail it, e-mail it or fax it. Alternately you could just phone me up with the information, which I wouldn’t mind either. DO NOT just tell them to go to or ask them to call me because then I cannot guarantee that your name will be associated with the sale. The more info the better, too. E-mail sometimes junk boxes my messages. Some people never answer their phone. Get as much as you can.

Give them the other part of the referral card to help get them excited about the product and to get them thinking about how a Bike Friday could fit into their life. Once I have the information, I will get in touch with them immediately and try to understand their needs and problems and work with them to develop an appropriate solution. I will happily send out catalogs and any other necessary information. Once they buy, I’ll be in touch to see how you want your money.