It’s been a while since I provided any updates on what’s going on with the family. I’m sure you can guess that’s because we’ve had way too much going on. So I’ll see if I can remember everything in the order it happened.

Chris and Jamie came to visit one night. It was rather uneventful, no exciting stories to tell. We just sat at home but it was a good visit regardless. This was especially true given the fact that they’re so damned far away in Drain and we never get to see them. Anyways, Sierra overheard and came out to greet them since she absolutely adores Chris. She’s rather fond of Jamie, too. Somehow we got on the subject of painted toe nails and it ended up with Chris getting his toe nails painted, much to our enjoyment. Sierra and Jamie also entertained us with funny faces which you can see if you click on the picture.

Christina and Oregon Grandma and Sierra got to go to the Lane County Fair without me. As much as I would have loved to have gone, I had just previously started working a second job working the front desk at the Hampton Inn which is just down the street from Bike Friday (an aside: we now have a discounted rate set up through Bike Friday in case you need a place to stay). Apparently Sierra went on the roller coaster all by herself and wasn’t even scared. She couldn’t stop talking about the whole thing so apparently she really had a blast.

Christina celebrated her birthday, but of course, the big event was a week later. Sierra celebrated her 4th birthday at Enchanted Forest with Christina, Oregon Grandma, and I the weekend after Christina’s birthday (and the one before Sierra’s). We all really had a great time. It’s a sort of mini-Disneyland, not quite as polished, but just as cool. Definately a place where the imagination can run free. I wish I could have got pictures of the mine where the Seven Dwarves worked with its black light “crystals” or the cool light and water fountain show that we all must have watched 3 times. One of us would bring it up and the rest of us would nod our heads enthusiastically and go, “OK!” I mean, it wasn’t laser Pink Floyd or anything, but it was pretty cool.

Ohio Mom, yes, Ohio Mom, made the big trip out and got to hang out with us shortly after this. Nothing really exciting to tell there but we did have a good time and she got herself a hat at the Saturday market that screams “Eugene” in the biggest way, it’s not even funny!

In other news, we’re gaining a path and losing some property. Temporarily we’re without a fence while they work on moving it to where it’s supposed to be, in addition to putting the path in along the side. They’re going to extend the fenceline along the side of the property. In order to make the fence along the property line, they’re going to have to cut into our cement patio. Luckily the cost to this is nothing, but we clearly paid too much for our house which was marketed based on the square footage with the fence. Look at the pictures of the house for more details on how much we’re talking about shrinking as I took pictures of where the property lines are. We’re currently working on some legal action to reclaim the money we essentially lost at the time of purchase. Needless to say, this has been a big headache at a time when we’re already really busy.

Speaking of busy, I’m about to make myself busier. Christina helped me come to the realization that I have been playing with computers for 22 years. Mostly for fun, I get enjoyment out of creating with and knowing the ins and outs of these machines. So why not get paid for it? Brilliant idea, that, especially given that I could do freelance programming not unlike my friend Brian which would certainly make for a more lucrative 2nd job and one that I could telecommute to. So I applied for and got accepted as a postbaccalaureate undergraduate in the Computer Science Department at the University of Oregon. What makes this even better is that they have two interdisciplinary programs which would allow me to tie in my earlier biology degree. When I’m done in a couple years or so, I should have another B.S. in Computer Information Science, with a focus on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology. What’s a rather interesting parallel about this is that yet another person I’m working with at UO, this time my adviser, is a Bike Friday owner! It is indeed a small world. Anyways, I start, well, on Monday!

Last bit of news and perhaps the most important is that Christina and I celebrated our 6th anniversary tonight. Well, I should say, we had it. It was rather uneventful, especially given how tired I was from working late, but we’re still together none the less and that’s a good thing. Upon coming to work at the end of the night, the last check in was a couple who just so happened to get married on the same day (which is also the same day the aforementioned friend had his wedding). I had to stall them because their friends were setting up shop for them upstairs but it was really exciting. It was funny that they showed up at the hotel almost exactly the way Christina and I did our night– completely and totally exhausted. They didn’t care about champagne or anything really. It was kind of funny, but it made me smile. Less than a decade ago, I made the best decision I have ever made.

So there you have it. We’ve been busy and it looks like that will continue to be the trend. If you want to keep up to date on what we’re doing, don’t forget about the schedules on the side. Some of them have passwords on them for security reasons, but if you’d like to know, all you have to do is ask. Don’t forget, you can always ring us up, too. Sure, we’re running around with our heads cut off but we’re always happy to talk to a long lost friend. Until we meet again, be well!