epson19990912-0012.jpgYes, you, too, could be living large, just like Freddy Mercury. Unlike him, though, you could actually go cycling every day, rather than just on Wednesday. That’s the joy of a Bike Friday, after all: no matter where you go or how you get there, you can take your bike with you.

For my wife, at one time, that meant just cruising around. However, after many miles on our tandem, she has become a more serious cyclist and is lusting for a road bike. So I now offer to the world her custom cruiser. Styled a bit after her beloved Schwinn Suburban, this bike is made for comfort.

Despite that, it’s got top notch components including sealed cartridge bearings in the headset and bottom bracket, super strong brakes, a wide range of precisely shifting gears, and bombproof wheels (NOTE: I’m currently in the process of having the wheels rebuilt with Veloctiy Aeroheat rims because the tires were a bit hard to get off these narrower Fusions). All this is hanging off our lightest touring frame and features a rare Near Chrome powder coat paint job.

We’re both sort of sad to see it go, but we’re looking forward to the new bike. More information has been posted on the Yak! and I just recently put up some nice pictures but feel free to leave a comment if there are further questions (that way I can reply to it here and everyone can know the answer). I did include the case, fenders and folding rear rack in the offer, but will consider removing these things and reducing the price somewhat if that’s preferable. I will consider other offers.