When you work for a place that makes unique bikes that’s staffed with creative free-thinking people, you tend to be a magnet for weird things.  Today was no different.  Sam Bennett brought a Phantom recumbent and two other unique human powered machines with him.

One was a short wheelbase above seat steering recumbent he made himself out of WOOD that had a little detail making it look not unlike some Pinewood Derby cars I have seen.  I’m not sure if that’s a good comparison or not but the bike was cool.  The tweener handlebars were pretty darn cool and I sure liked how he had fully wrapped them.  Most everything, including the custom dropouts, bolted on to the wood.  I thought that the bottom bracket and headset cups sure looked nice sitting in wood.  I could do without the Biopace, but that’s ok.

The second one was an enormous oversized overbuilt MIG-welded load carrying trike with a motor and a pretty beefy auxillary brake.  The thing was clearly made in China and not to the greatest of standards and yet it was rated for a 350kg (770 pound!) load capacity.

Products are increasing in cost because transportation costs are increasing because the cost of oil is increasing.  This has happened to Bike Friday for the past two years (and will likely happen again).  Imagine how easily we could empower ourselves to resolve this problem by having machines like this.  It’s an awesome glimpse into the future.  I guess the future’s going to be a weird one.