Last Saturday, since Sierra was at the Coast, we decided to go out on a little bike pub crawl with our friends.  This type of thing happens on a regular basis here thanks to the Eugene Fixty Club.  Ours was a little smaller though we have been known to get in trouble with Chris and Jamie before.  Anyways, we eventually ended up with us at John Henry’s where we happen to stumble upon the War of Smart Tour.

This was basically a bunch of underground LA hip hop acts related to the long-running collective of multimedia artists known as the Shape Shifters.  Originally a crew of graffiti artists, their music is always interesting, managing to blend together a rather diverse set of influences.  Their music is a must have (go get some!) but that’s not who we get to see.

Instead we got to see one of their members, AWOL One, do his thing.  I would tell you to get his solo stuff, which I will, especially “The Real Underworld” from Four Eyed Mortalz since it samples Nirvana rather cleanly, but I think despite the draw of his own unique stylings, working with other people seems to bring out the best in him.

Case in point:  Daddy Kev.  This innovative, free-thinking, jazz-influenced producer seems to make the most raw backdrop for AWOL’s dry and direct style.  While I would encourage you to check out all of their collaborations, you need Souldoubt.  Many tracks from this record were played at the show and they were the ones that stood out the most.

Speaking of music, I bring you Sierra’s recording debut, “Spiders.”   Though I did put her up to this, the whole thing, including the title, was all her idea.  I killed some noise and added a little echo thanks to Audacity.  If you like it, please click those links above, buy yourself some new hip hop and I’ll put all the commissions into getting her singing lessons.  🙂