photo: rcoder under cc license.

The Providence Bridge Pedal is an amazing ride. Thousands of cyclists (2nd largest cycling event in the country!!) come to Portland, Oregon, to ride the bridges that made it famous. Every one of them. Even the Fremont, which you see here, which leads eventually to Interstate 5 itself! The whole thing is all yours. Amazing. Will not miss this year. I know Gaylynn is also planning on going as she has for many years now.

Better yet though is that if you want to support bicycle advocacy in Oregon and do the ride you can become a member of the Bicycle Transportation Alliance and get into the Bridge Pedal for free (scroll down)! I’ve been putting off becoming a member for too long (actually, I want to become a member of Adventure Cycling and the Tandem Club of America, too, so maybe they’ll get me to do this with something similar.. hear me guys??), and this was just the excuse I needed.

Also interesting, speaking of the BTA, is that Jim Wilcox is offering a donation to it with the purchase of any Bike Friday until November 1st. This is something he’s doing on his own, so if you want to take advantage of it, talk to him.

Maybe that’s the impetus you need to get yourself a Bike Friday! Hopefully I’ll see you and yours at the Bridge Pedal!