img_1360_4.jpgSierra and her grandmother spent the weekend enjoying the beautiful Oregon Coast, spending most of their time in Lincoln City. Plenty more pics are available, so go check them out. Meanwhile, I’ll tell you all about my experience with Sierra today.

Christina was going to go to Florence to meet with them and bring Sierra back while I spoke on behalf of Lynette at the screening of her movie during Bike Fest ’06 at the Downtown Initiative for the Visual Arts. She was feeling sick and I was a tad reluctant to go but I really had no choice. In the end I had a rather enjoyable drive there, though the traffic was thick on 126.

We were to meet at the Beachcomber Tavern, a bar in Old Town that her co-worker owns. Next door it has a bottle shop with a rather good selection of beers and some other beer trinkets. The bar was nice and the beer selection, as would be expected, was good. I had Rogue, from up in Newport, Oregon. Rogue is one of the most expensive domestic beers, but it’s so damned good when it’s on tap, it’s well worth it. The Hazelnut Brown Nectar is a favourite when it’s in a bottle, so I was loving it on tap. I sat outside and read Bicycling while I waited for them to show up.

Grandma, of course, spoiled her silly with all sorts of new clothes and toys and this really cool jellyfish stuffed animal. We had to unload everything and Sierra played with a pinwheel I had brought for her, behaving perfectly.

We eventually got on the road and we talked for a long time all about all the things she had done. We went through the tunnel at the top of the Coast Range and honked and had a good laugh when every other car around us honked, too. Then she fell asleep.

When we got home, there was much to be done and she was helpful with all of it, always excited to pull weeds, help with the dishes, take out the recycling, and hang up her clothes.

All this meant that I was really happy that Christina was sick, because it was a real joy and blessing to be with my daughter. I’m bursting with pride. I swear she has entered a new age. Well, she will soon. Four is just around the corner, literally. A little over a month. I can’t wait!